WOW -Witness Our World- Photographer Hiroshi Yamauchi
Jerusalem Old City Jerusalem ISRAEL 2007

Jerusalem is the most recognized city is Israel. It’s been over sixty years since international debate over its legitimacy had exploded around the foundation of this nation. The first of four wars this nation has gone through against neighboring countries broke out almost simultaneously with the declaration of the independence. Israel has been trying to pay-off religious and ethnical dilemma it holds both regionally and domestically for thousands of years. The long lines of King David’s sons had gathered under the flag of “promised land” after the World War II. But the land was full mixed religions and languages. The city famous for being sanctuary of three major religions then started as a symbol of ironic disharmony over Gods. The soil of this holly land has sucked too much blood and tears. The Old City of Jerusalem has four main districts: Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Armenian quarters. All quarters are very close to each other, but as you cross a street to get out of one quarter and get into the other, a lot of things will change in seconds. Language, dress, race, food, music… Many elements of daily life are separated by what people believe as higher being. There must be such a small differences in profound faith in all Islam, Christianity and Judaism, but the followers seem to be stubborn enough to draw fine and clear lines among themselves throughout their history. Yet the city, as capital of religions in this specific region, is full of prayers. All three sanctuaries welcome pilgrims from all over the world. They pray for peace and glory in different styles and tongues. One day the prayers will unite, despite the past tragedies.

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